Q: is it safe:

A: yup!


Q: do i have to come to the clinic to for the infusion?

A: no, we can also come to you!

Q: who administers the IV?

A: ivclub has an amazing team of registered nurses that administer the infusions and start your iv!  our team work in hospitals and medical centers around sioux falls as their main job, so their IV skills are awesome!  

Q: how long does the infusion take?

A: the drip will usually take 30-60 minutes, depending on what package you purchase and how big your veins are!

Q: how often can I get an infusion?

A: while it is safe to get daily infusions for the health benefits, we generally limit to 1 infusion every few days.

Q: why is it so expensive?

A: because we use the highest quality medical supplies, and with industry medical grade supplies, along with having professional registered nurses to provide service; the cost adds up.  This service would cost 3x in a doctor’s office and thousands in a hospital!